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Dauna Undefined

Definitions are Overrated.

Dauna "elfie" Talor
I'm in my 20s, pretty much a boring person, and not the most interesting blogger as a result. It's hard when the material you have to work with sucks. I write a little, mostly science fiction and fantasy, but anything I start on my own almost always fizzles out. It's only for my own pleasure, really.

Collaborative writing is what I used to do online. Writing in a group keeps the story going, so I was sad to see it go. I did NaNoWriMo for... 7 years? But haven't for 2 now. Story A Day May I skipped last year but am doing this year again. I feel less pressured with Story A Day because I can bang out a page of something and be done. It doesn't have to be good and length is really up to me. But I post it as talordauna there... so hopefully it's not utter crap.

For a while I was addicted to foreign dramas... Boys Before Flowers started it... Oh no, wait, it was the kiss one... grrr, I have a bad memory. Mischievious Kiss? Yes, maybe. But Boys Before Flowers and My Girl were absolute tear jerkers and my favorites.

Then I watched some anime for a bit because for some reason the drama upset me too much... um, I don't feel like explaining that.

Now I read manga... Romance, mainly, though a little adventure can help when that gets to be too much. Manga is easier on my computer and I feel as if I'm actually watching the characters move. Plus there seems to be more manga than anime on some of the series I watched. In other words the anime would end at a certain point, but the manga continues past it. (Skip Beat! taught me this. I love it. & yes, I'm watching the tw drama.)

...and now I'm going to go read some more. I should be sleeping.

Oh, and if you're really bored you can follow me on twitter. @talordauna